What is Google’s algorithm ?

Google’s algorithm is a complex process whereby Google searches various data from the online web and stores them in the Google index and when someone does a search by typing something into the Google search engine, it returns the best possible results immediately from its index.

And to put it simply, the algorithm is a set of codes or policies through which Google does all its work properly.

Again, the Google algorithm is one of the ways in which Google decides that a search result will be displayed on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

For example, suppose you have a website, where you write about a dog. You wrote a post about “Best Dog Food”. Your post is on the Google number 8 page. But on another website, the article titled “Best Dog Food” was just published by Sean Topic and is in the 1st result of Google’s 1st page.

There is a variety of processes or factors behind your website ranking on 8 pages and another website number 1. And that is acquainted with Google algorithm.

If you think that this is just the work of the algorithm, then you are mistaken for understanding. Google has many algorithms, and each algorithm has a different function. Some are working on search, some are working on rankings, some are working on indexing, that is, a specific algorithm for a particular task. Hopefully, this is clear.

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